Galaxy S20: How to use Camera

Meet Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. All three S20 models have a feature that Samsung calls Space Zoom. It’s a fancy name for the S20’s impressive hybrid optic zoom. The Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus can zoom up to 30x, while the Ultra can go up to 100x. 

Use the different levels by opening the camera app and either using two fingers to pinch-to-zoom in the viewfinder or tapping on one of the buttons to switch between cameras. Different zoom levels will show up next to the shutter button, making it easy to pick how close you want the camera to get to your subject.

Any zoom level over 20x will show a viewfinder in the top corner of your phone’s display, making it easier to tell exactly what part of the scene the camera is zoomed in on.

Use Single Take to capture everything

Single Take is a new shooting mode in the camera app, and I can see myself using this to capture random moments with my kids so I don’t have to think about whether to take a photo, record a video or mess around with any camera settings. I simply need to open the camera, switch to Single Take and press the shutter button. 

With Single Take selected, the camera app will use AI to examine what’s going on in the scene and grab up to 10 photos and four videos. 

When it’s done, your phone will automatically apply effects to the videos like fast forward, reverse or creating a loop. Photos can have a live focus effect, a filter or a smart crop applied to them. 

Open the Gallery to view a Smart Take, which has a small dot inside a circle in the bottom corner of its thumbnail. Once you open it, you’ll see all the videos and photos that were created. 

Quickly record a video

Another new feature comes in handy for those times when you want to take a photo of a pet or your kids, but something funny or adorable starts to happen and you want to quickly capture a video instead. Instead of tapping and swiping to switch camera modes, get in the habit of long-pressing the shutter button.

Doing so will instantly begin recording, and save you the time it takes to switch from photo to video mode, so you don’t miss the moment.


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